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Getting to know: Ollie Griffin

Question: Could us a little bit about what you are up to now and how you are finding it?

Answer: Well now I’m at Huddersfield (Huddersfield Christian Fellowship) doing a course called the Internship which is basically a course for people who are wanting to go deeper with God and see what God’s plan is for their life and just learn more. I’m finding it absolutely amazing, as Jayne can probably agree. It’s opened up so many things, we’re only two months in out of ten months and I’m already absolutely blown away. Seeing

how big God is is just absolutely amazing. I thought he was big but this guy is huge!

The things I have learnt already after two months, I’m already blown away but I’m

excited to see what’s to come.

Question: What were you like at school?

Answer: The first three years of secondary school I’d say I was alright to be honest,

I was in with a good group of friends and I was predicted good grades and was doing

well in all my subjects. Then it came to year 10 and 11… I slumped a bit and started

doing worse in class. I got in, I’d say, with the wrong crowd but overall it wasn’t too

bad. I went from being sensible to being a nugget!

Question: How would you say Jesus has changed your life since you gave your life to him?

Answer: What can I say? There’s so much! He’s changed my whole mindset, my whole view on life in general and people. The importance of people… I used to just think people were… people but now I see and understand their feelings. It’s changed the course of my life completely and my future now seems so much better now I’ve got Jesus in my life. Seeing all these people here (in church) and all the friendships and relationships I’ve built is just amazing. Seeing what Jesus did on the cross and applying that to my life has changed everything.

Question: Throughout your journey so far, what’s one thing you have learnt?

Answer: I’ve got quite a few. I’ve learnt that God is really big! It’s quite a standard answer I know but he’s so available if you want him in your life. I never used to think about church when I was young, I never had anything against it I’d just never heard about it. He’s a lot bigger than people think and I have learnt to never underestimate him or think that he’s not working.

Question: On that note, what is God doing in your life right now?

Answer: Well I can say on Internship he’s showing me so many things, teaching me so many things, showing me the way he wants me to go, the things he wants me to do. Before I would say I was going along yeah, I was looking forward to things but now I’m getting more of a clearer vision of the things I may be able to do in the future and things I may be able to take part in and have an effect on and pass on to the next generation. I’m just open now to learn loads of new things and just crack on with what he’s got in store.

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