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Prayer has always been important to us at Elland Christian Centre but has taken on a new significance to us during the last few years where we have really experienced the goodness of God and seen him miraculously touch people's lives in many different ways.

We hold monthly prayer meetings as part of the Pursue programme and communicate updates weekly of areas for prayer and fasting that we encourage the congregation to set aside time for. 

We have a personal study book about biblical prayer and a prayer journal available as well as providing additional opportunities to meet together to pray through prayer partners, half nights of prayer, a day of prayer for Elland and prayer and praise evenings. 


For more information, feel free to contact us.

Many members of the congregation can testify to how God has answered prayers in their personal situations including healing, provision, job security during difficult economic times and many other situations specific to individuals. 

"Faced with needing to find a new place to live when my landlord put my house on the market, we committed my housing situation to God's timing and plan at a prayer meeting. Three days later, my landlord took my house off the market and is allowing me to sign a new contract with a guaranteed 6 month minimum tenancy without an increase in rent. God's timing was perfect and I feel that he had that plan and timing all along!"

- Gaz.

"Over the years, God has been faithful to me in various job situations as I've prayed about them and trusted him to answer. Whenever I have needed a job, it's been provided for me; sometimes this has been at the least expected time and in the least expected way but I am learning that that is often how God works! He has never left me lacking financially and has placed me in roles where I've been able to keep the Lord central by having Sundays and Tuesdays off. Praise God for each of these victories!"

- Karen.

"After waiting 9 months for a surgical date for an ongoing health issue, we prayed at a Friday evening meeting and by the Monday I received a phone call for a pre-op appointment. The surgery itself followed several weeks later! God's ways are not our ways but they're certainly perfect as is his timing." 

- Sam.

"The congregation at ECC prayed earnestly for me when I caught COVID in March 2020 when the first lockdown had just started. I suffer with complex respiratory issues; even getting a cold could make me very unwell. God answered the prayers and I recovered with no long term impact. It was a total miracle! Thank you Jesus!"

- Bev.

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