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"To me Elland Christian Centre is a church with tremendous warmth and a

huge heart for God, each other and the community it serves. It is a place

where I truly see God at work and I am seeing him transforming lives,

including mine. I see Elland Christian Centre not only as a church where they

teach biblical truths and build strong Christian foundations but also where

people that do not know Jesus Christ or are new Christians are lovingly

encouraged and guided in their walk with the Lord.  I see it also as a place of

refuge for everyone and anyone: for people who are wounded or broken,

those who feel lonely or isolated. It is a church family that passionately loves

Jesus and serves God.  I believe many people come to receive Jesus as their

Lord and Saviour when they come to Elland Christian Centre because they see

him here.  They see God and the reflection of his son, Jesus, in the pastors, leaders and church family. From the oldest to the youngest in the church family you will see unconditional love displayed. It is a church that puts God’s love into action."

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